I say ….

Remember yesterday when I said that sometimes simple is best, implying that nothing is better than k2p2 ribbed socks?

Well, I am not saying that that’s not true. But I will say that it is not true in this case.

Let me just say that the Shirley Stacy pullover has ribbed sleeves. Two of them. So I have to say that I am pretty sick of ribbing. But I also need to say that ribbed socks are my favorites to wear.

With all of this being said, allow me to show you the latest sock incarnation

Woman’s Fancy Rib from
A Pair of Socks pattern

The yarn is Cherry Tree and the pattern is Ann Budd. You can find it online – it is one of Interweave’s online/subscriber only patterns.

by the say way, my knitting ♥ belongs to Evelyn Clark but Ann Budd is hot on her heels

6 thoughts on “I say ….

  1. Ahh, CTH — that sock is looking great!

    [I love ribbed socks too. I don’t much like knitting them (ribbing is booooring), but I love wearing them.]

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