We had some excitement around here this weekend – and not the good kind. On Saturday Boar got a call from his mother saying that she had fallen and was sure her wrist was broken. Off to the ER.

Angie was coming off a ladder and had one foot on the ground and the other on the bottom rung. Somehow in turning, she lost her balance. xray revealed not only did the wrist break, but the bones slid past one another in the impact. ick. The first attempt was to set it and then re-xray it to see how things were looking.

Things were looking like she should have surgery to set it with pins. So she was admitted to the hospital on Saturday night with the thought that surgery would be Sunday. The cardiologist was not happy with her low heart rate and ordered a stress test before the surgery. MiL has always had a low heart rate, is very aerobically fit and this was no surprise. However the stress test can not be performed until today.

When we went to see Angie yesterday she seemed happy enough, even though she was stuck in the hospital with nothing happening. She does a lot of volunteer work for the hospital and she was checking out what all of her guild’s fundraising had reaped.

why was she on the ladder in the first place? she was painting her kitchen. When I offered to paint her kitchen for her after she gets sprung – she just kind of stared blankly at me. Had I forgotten my place? in the world of our painting life, she is the master – and she hates the way I cut in!

12 thoughts on “ouch!

  1. Well, getting the kitchen painted will certainly be motivation for getting back in the saddle… or back on the ladder (with extreme care)… Best wishes to Angie for a speedy recovery!!

  2. So sorry for your Mil I hope she has a speedy recovery. I have tagged you annie ( hope you don’t mind) for a little game.Visit me for the details. :)

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