warp & weft

How about some pictures from the Pam Topham tapestry workshop? As always, I adore hanging out with the women from my Spinning Guild. I sometimes wonder if it’s the fiber I find so compelling or the people I meet.




two of Pam’s works


Like most things, what I learned about tapestry weaving is that it’s much more complicated than it appears; planning on how colors meet, figuring out whether the shed is open or closed and what to do if the sheds don’t align not to mention the artistry to make a design! And now, for my own woven result. Please remember everything I just told you about how increibly complicated it all is – this little piece measures roughly 3″ and took me 12 hours!

I call it:
Cat in the Window with Blue Shade

13 thoughts on “warp & weft

  1. cara’s bad, but now that she said that… haha i can see it too! oh and those pieces Look complicated to me, so one can only imagine how much More complicated it is to make… what a work of art!

  2. So cute. The cat looks more like a bunny to me, but either way it’s totally adorable. You should be really proud of your work. Getting weaving to look like anything is a big deal. Good job!

  3. It’s not a Rorsach test! Clearly a kitty in the window. And wow, that looks amazing. Tapestry weaving is one of those things I’d love to try my hand at, one of these days.

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