friggin Typepad ate my post. I hate that!! argh. the last time I bitched about typepad, someone from the company left me a comment – it was a very nice comment, but it was kinda creepy all the same.

Here is a quick review of the highlights:

saw this

went here, here and also here.

saw this

read this, and check this out!

this weekend I have a two day workshop in this

bought these and here’s a closer look.

17 thoughts on “

  1. Brilliant post. I am so jealous! My dear friend and I did manage to drive into Vancouver (1hr) to see The Painted Veil at the beautiful Fifth Avenue Theatre. It was a very grown up road trip for two moms.
    Not as good as your trip, though.

  2. I’ve added a couple of those to my “things to see when I’m in NYC in May” list. It will become unmanageable by the time of the trip, I’m sure.

    Love the little piggies! So non-sentimental.

  3. LOL. I have a feeling it may have taken longer to do the links than to have rewritten the post. So TP people actually wander out and read us. Isn’t that interesting! Hi you guys…waving frantically.

  4. I decided to look at your blog to see what you’ve been doing without me. But by the fourth link I clicked I was like, “screw this” so I figure you’ll just have to tell me when I get home tomorrow.

  5. The Painted Veil maxed out my allotted time to movies but I hear it’s pretty good.

    Wow, those are some teensy gloves! Cute piglets and tapestry! Fun.

    Grr to post eating Typepad. Mine just likes to stop letting me post pictures or links or italicize anything.

  6. Wow- busy bee.

    I’d like to go see the Painted Veil- like Edward Norton (loved the illusionist!!)… maybe I will go this week.

    I can’t wait til SPA this weekend so I can learn more about spinning. So much easier to learn from people instead of on your own. :)

  7. What was your favorite piece at Radical Lace? Mine is a tie between the Money Dress and the Freddie Robins Shetland shawl (whose punchline I won’t give away here). It’s a brilliant show, isn’t it?

    So are you ever going to let me know when you’re coming into the city, hmmmm? ;)

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