Year of the Pig

Many thanks to all of you who alerted me to the Chinese New Year – Year of the Pig! my time has come. I thought you might like to see the pig that started the madness. It will also provide me another excuse to try out my new light box.

The year was 1986, my brother had just gotten married and I was engaged. My new SiL collected geese. I was at a craft show and bought this little piggy bank. Boar was living in Michigan and we had a nightly phone chat. When I was telling him about the craft show I said, “you know how they collect geese? let’s you and me be pigs!” the rest is history.

simply irresistible

14 thoughts on “Year of the Pig

  1. Boy there will be no shutting you up for the next 364 days; a whole year of piggies.
    We’ll all have to leave comments with links to piggy pix everyday so you can poke-a-pig-a-day.

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