let’s you and me be pigs!

So glad you enjoyed the story behind my pig collection. Yes, Vicki it was quite the romantic moment, right up there with Romeo & Juliet, but instead of Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou? I uttered Let’s you and me be pigs.

A few of you have suggested I take on the task of posting pictures of my pig collection. I do believe I could fill the year on a daily basis with the porkers. And since I am in the midst of a big soul suck of a stockinette stitch pullover, why not? It has got to be more interesting!

Here are two elfin pigs that sit on the hutch in my kitchen – you can see where the ears have been glued. (as a matter of fact, right after the photo shoot I dropped one and it is presently being treated with crazy glue)

love the belly buttons!

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