as promised, knitting & pigs! I brought the sweater outdoors to take the picture and while I was out there decided to also take a picture of a cute little pig plaque that is on our deck. I have emerged momentarily from the lightbox. : )

D#2 is away on a college trip with a friend and her family. I am going to put in some extra hours at the knitting shop. And a quiet weekend is ahead …….

5 thoughts on “

  1. Dang, girl, the lightbox gives me such pleasure.

    Yes, I’ll admit it, I am smirking. Just a tiny bit, though, because — really — I think the lightbox is FANTASTIC!!! I do. I want one, too.

    Have a great weekend. Mine’s a little messed up… and I think it’ll be more quiet than I intended.

  2. Miles of stockinette is looking good!

    Great backstory on the pig motif! “Let’s you and me be pigs.” That is a great motto for a marriage though, you know? As well as a statement of intent. To collect.

    That lightbox is working out really well for your pix! I’ll have to check it out.

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