We had a great guild meeting last night. There were at least 35 people there! The night’s program was learning how to spin silk caps. These were the same caps we dyed at last month’s meeting. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

There were many, many moments that should have been captured on film. For instance, Cara trying to French kiss her woolee winder would have been a wonderful Kodak moment. She put the moves on it while it was spinning around. Kinda like kissing a fan. Can you tell that she got into the groove with her WW? she just needed a little practice with it – had to stick with it long enough to push through the learning curve.

Much like me and Navajo plying. what a fiasco that was/is. I cannot say too much about it since it is a surprise project for someone else. I just hope I am able to do something with what I’ve got. I really should have practiced on some scrap fiber first. ergh.

I am going to keep this short and sweet since The Office will be on soon ……

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