it’s Margene’s Birthday!!

linkage: I should have realized that are other collectors out there. For all of you pug lovers, or little tubby, baby animal knick-knack lovers here is the website for yesterday’s pig. Those three were a gift from the girls for a long ago Mother’s Day. I am positive they were purchased in a nearby gift shop. I actually have a number of things like that since that gift shop was in biking distance!

and now some knitting linkage ….. I had heard on Cast-On that there was a movement to organize a Barbara Walker website, one where volunteers would knit samples of the patterns. Sure enough those Mason Dixon ladies found it — The Walker Treasury Project! Inspiration abounds. If any of the knitting techniques for those patterns cause confusion, perhaps you will find an explanation at TECHknitting. Be sure to check it out – fabulous illustrations and clear directions. Hopefully she will have a book contract soon and our libraries will be the better for it.

thus endeth the linkage ……

the Daily Pork Report continues from my bedroom ; ) and further continues from the windowsill And yes Margene, I do a lot of dusting! or more truthfully, I need to do a lot of dusting …… Speaking of Margene, stop everything and go wish her a Happy Birthday!!!

5 thoughts on “it’s Margene’s Birthday!!

  1. Cara told me about the BW Project and I haven’t linked to it either..but she could have said something, too, eh?
    Thanks for the good wishes! And skip the dusting today in my honor;-)

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