A little pig liquid soap! My SiL put in him in my Christmas stocking one year and I don’t have the heart to use him. He now sits on the shelves in the master bathroom. Speaking of the shelves, this is the perfect opportunity to show off some of Boar’s handiwork. Boar is beyond handy – he has moved walls, raised ceilings, installed skylights, replaced windows …… but he also made some really cool shelves for our bathroom!


I realize this is a shitty picture, but I hope you can see that they are copper pipe with faucets at the end. There is a bath shop in Cape May NJ called Mariah’s. Their display shelves are made this way. One year I pointed them out to Boar and he said, “no problem”! A trip to Home Depot, a little soldering and voilá!

yes, I know how lucky I am to have Boar.

no, you can’t borrow him.

There has been some exciting knitting news. I am well into the raglan decreases and decided to take it off the needles to check the fit and see if I was going to like it. Truth be told, I may have been looking for an escape route. But it seems as though I won’t need one – the fit looks great and I think I am even going to like wearing it! If these favorable signs continue and I do indeed end up with a sweater that fits and that I like, it will be an all time first around here. I wonder if this is another sign of the doom of global warming? That Ann has finally found a perfect sweater pattern and now she won’t need to wear one?! oh, how the gods will laugh.

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  1. love the pig, love the shelves! Go Boar! :)

    I am happy to read that the sweater is perrrrrfect but I laughed my ass off at the global warming part! ;)

  2. Moving walls? Raising ceilings? I always suspected that Boar was Superman, what with that mild-mannered demeanor of his. :)

    Incidentally, I’ve just been to Cara’s to talk a little smack about you. But don’t worry — it’s *nice* smack. Of course, this probably kills any chance of being invited back to your house to finish the Michael Kors sweater (which, at the rate I’m going, will be sometime in 2011) and make some more hypercomplicated candy. Shoot.

  3. I LOVE your blog. I knit and I collect pigs so you are just the perfect match for my interests. You have some pigs that I don’t have…but I’ll bet I’ve got some that you would envy. LOL

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