Give the people what they want! And since a few of you have expressed an interest in those shelves and I don’t have any knitting pictures, here is a closer look at one of the many splendid things about Boar ……

end piece

wall mount with curved fitting piece

T-shaped joining piece

The wooden shelves are pine boards that we stained and they lay across the pipe. Taking these pictures, I just noticed that Boar also cut a piece of plastic tubing that sits around the pipe under the wood shelves, but I can’t see that the boards actually touch this piece and it may be unnecessary.

Mr. Boar made these years ago. At the time I believe we spent around $50 for the pipe and other pieces. If you need anymore shelving info, let me know and if you make a set for yourself, send me a pic! Boar was slightly thrilled that there seemed to be lots of women out there appreciating his handiwork. bitches.

We have reached the end of the bedroom pigs. I was not planning on taking pictures of any of the stuffed pigs I have – but since it is Friday and I would like to end this week in the bedroom, I shall show you some of the softer side of my collection …..

marionette piggy from Cara

angel pig from Ricki

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  1. I loved those shelves when I was at the house. Of course I fell in love with the Boar just by being in his presence. The handywork and beefcakes shots are just icing on the [beef]cake;)

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