4_april_bsj P4100002
Here is an AFAIG.??? As Finished As It Gets.

This is my Baby Surprise Jacket done in Blue Sky Dyed Cotton. First let me say that while the Blue Sky is a dream to work with and feels so soft and cozy, it is already pilling! I tried to get a close up of the edge – this sweater looks like it has been worn for a few months already. Secondly, while the BSJ is a marvelous feat of engineering, I really don’t like the finished result. Too garter stitchy for me and also what I thought was going to be the outside turned out to be the inside! All the care I took in making sure I had the proper side after the long tail cast on and also my very cool decreases are all going to waste on the inside.

Given my feelings of overwhelming blahness about this project I have decreed that this will not get another moment of my time – no buttons, no finishing seam. I shall cram it in a drawer and that will be that. I am glad I knit it, I have been intriuged by this project. But it’s like Space Mountain …. for me, once is enough.


I bet you thought I forgot about this project. And you were almost right! Last night I picked up and began knitting for the facing hems of my % sweater project! I have made a solemn promise to work on this and this alone until it’s done.

P4100004 P4100008

The pork report continues from the living room. This happens to be one of my favorite pieces. It is a humidor that I found at a garage sale. Actually, garage sale is too strong a word. Someone was throwing out furniture. I stopped to see if there were any treasures within the piles of stuff. I got into a conversation with the eldery home owner who said they were moving and was I interested in seeing what else was in the house? Am I interested in poking around someone old person’s house who wants to get rid of stuff??!! it is a dream come true for me! So I bought this fabulous piece – he had two, but had promised one to someone else. I found one just like it on ebay and it has more information about the origins.

17 thoughts on “


    That color for the hems is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY WRONG!!!!!


    I will BUY YOU THE NEW YARN! Please don’t assault my color genius in this way. I BEG OF YOU!

  2. Wow, Cara tore you a new one huh? I’m surprised that you didn’t like the BSJ. Is it the project itself, or do you think the yarn is what did it? Just that you’r ethe 1st I’ve heard that didn’t like it. Maybe more will come out with it now(?)

  3. That pig was a real treasure find. I checked out the Ebay. Don’t you feel great when that happens. Don’t give another thought to the SBJ. We live and learn.

  4. OK, in defense of the BSJ- not that you personally ever have to look at it again or knit another or even think of the project herever after- with a couple of mods, I think it’s super-cute. I’m doing my second (learned the first time) without the pinchy cuffs. My next one will have long sleeves. Sorry yours didn’t work out! Onward and awayward!

  5. Clearly you need to finish that Percent sweater quickly and wear it constantly in Cara’s presence.

    Bad BSJ! All that care for nada. Grr. EZ is an engineering genius, but some of it is just odd. I did her garter stitch flat knit mittens and while it was pretty cool watching them shape up, all the seaming sucked.

    Nice deal on the humidifier! You should see my dad’s collection of pig stuff (being a cop in the 60’s and 70’s. He’s got a watch with a pig on the watch face that says:

    Guts &

  6. Oh, man, remember when we called cops PIGS? You were probably too refined. We called our parents old man and old lady, too. General rudeness — thank goodness it didn’t last long.

    Can’t you just turn that garter stitch BSJ inside-out so that the side you like better is on the outside? What’s the difference between the sides?

    And now I’m dying to know how much you paid for your piggy humidor — and did you get anything else from poking around in that particular house? (How fun!)

  7. Really, Ann, did you pick PINK ??? Tell me it’s my innacurate color monitor..Hate to say it baby, but it ain’t working for me…don’t be mad..

  8. That Blue Sky is pilly, but I made a baby sweater from it for a buddy, and she loved it and said it just got better with washing…maybe there’s hope for it after all.

  9. Well, I kinda like the BSJ. It has a vintage look and I suppose I like garter (since I’m liking Sonnet, so far). The pilling, however, is a bummer.

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