Here is a copy of an email I sent in reply to comments yesterday ……..

As for the BSJ, first off I don’t know why I thought that a miracle would occur and I would be overcome with love of the garter stitch. I never, never like garter stitch in garments. I sometimes don’t even like reverse stockinette on cable sweaters if they aren’t heavily cabled. So you see, my main objection is just a personal preference and in no way should keep you from trying this thing out.

The construction itself is pretty fascinating. It claims to be reversible. Which the perfectionist in me will not allow. At one point, you need to pick up 20 stitches. No matter how neatly stitches are picked up, they always leave a ridge. That ridge on the outside is a deal breaker for me. So my own BSJ has now become a one sided affair.

What I did not realize was that the side I thought would be the outside – the side with the proper edge of the long tail cast on as well as the lovely decreases showing – was in fact going to end up on the inside. (I hope this is making some sort of sense) Combined with the “I hate garter stitch” thing, this put me over the edge. Along with this yarn pilling up all over the place (and I am not rough with my knitting at all). ***Anita tells me that this pilling is really not a problem and that the yarn just gets better with wear so maybe I should finish this sweater and see how the yarn actually performs.

So, my final recommendation is to only knit this if you like garter stitch. If you like that stitch, then make your first BSJ a sort of test run so you can really see how the construction plays out in the final product. And then spend some $$ on nice yarn and make more.

The pig of the day is multiple pigs. I have four of these hanging in my living room window. I hope you can see that their wings are stained glass. The four have different colors, but only two pictures came out well.

P4110004 P4110007

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  1. I’m not a big fan of garter stitch either – and never really liked the bsj pattern all that much either, so I’m feelin’ ya ;)

    there are so many cute baby patterns out there that I like better, and aren’t garter stitch.

    I’m sure that many many people just love the pattern because I see it all over, but I’m with you on this particular one.

  2. Hi Ann,

    I loooove the flying piggies!

    Are you taking the goat Robin Russo workshop tomorrow? I’ll be there, but not on the weekend. :)

    Talk to you later,


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