P4170016 P4170017
on band trips, we used to make out
with these guys in the back of the bus

thank you so much for all your input! Cathy sent me a link to an errata page for Knitting Nature. It has all been enormously helpful. Last night’s knitting brought me to the decision making point of should I/shouldn’t I. I managed to make myself so crazy (what the hell is the matter with me?? – Kathleen is right!) that I just went to bed. It was only nine o’clock!!

A full night’s sleep was just what the knitting Dr. ordered and I have decided to do the smaller (three stitch) reduction.

In other news, the Boar and I are traveling to Florida this weekend – a niece’s First Communion. My traveling neurosis have kicked in and I am busy kvetching about it all ……. I wonder why Kathleen ever assumed I was normal in the first place? That’s the real question!

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  1. Great looking trip companions, I hope you didn’t leave the fiddler at home on those trips though :)
    Making the sweater your size is the right way to go and oh so easy with instructions on both sides of your intended one to keep guard on your calculations.
    Have fun in Florida, did you find already the yarn shops along your route? :)

  2. Attention attention girl!
    I think you need to go and take your friend’s needles away from her for a few days, maybe all them colo(u)rs too!

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