if you’re a clown, please don’t read this ….

D#2 is in her junior year of high school. The school hosted a career day this week. It’s a good idea to get these kids thinking about their futures, their options. She spoke with a published author among others. It seems that many of the people who presented something had freebies – pens, magnets etc.

Here I am modeling one of the give aways.


Yes, it is a clown nose. A clown nose. At career day the high school handed out clown noses. Running off and joining the circus is a career option.

I know, I know — there is an art in being a clown. It is nothing to laugh at – nothing to turn my nose up at. ; ) They probably make shitloads of money. But really, it made me laugh and I am still laughing.

which is what a clown is supposed to do, right?

If she doesn’t run off and join the circus, perhaps she will consider a musical career. I hope you all have a great weekend – see you on Tuesday!

10 thoughts on “if you’re a clown, please don’t read this ….

  1. You do make a lovely clown. On the whole, clowns freak me out, but if you came driving up in Onslow, wearing that nose, I’d totally invite you in for brownies.

    Valrhona brownies.

  2. My aunt left her family and ran off with a lion tamer. I always thought she was kind of cool;) Ignoring the whole leaving your family part of course…

    Have a great trip sorry you can’t make it sunday, Rinaldo is firing up the grill!

  3. My great great grandfather was with Barnum & Bailey for a while, but I don’t know exactly what he did. There’s no handed-down-through-the-generations heirloom rubber nose or anything. It’s all very vague in that corner of the family skeleton closet.

    I believe the actual, official Clown School is in Florida — maybe you can check it out while you’re there! You make an awfully cute clown, and you’d be good at it — and Onslow! Onslow is the PERFECT car for that 14,000 clowns in a car trick — so, see, you’ve got the nose, the prefect car — almost everything you need!

    Have a good weekend.

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