I will be traveling home today. We were in Florida this weekend for my niece’s First Communion. I would claim that she gets her good looks from me, but in fact this is my sister-in-law’s daughter. What a great time we had. Sun, fun and a visit with family. While we were here, the niece became intrigued by blogging and now wants a website of her own! Does anyone know of kid friendly blogging services out there? Not like myspace though, something more for the elementary school crowd.

Before they moved, I taught this niece how to knit. But that was before she moved to Florida and now she needs a refresher course. Things were too busy on this trip, but next time I will get some yarn in her hands. She wants to say hi to everyone and is hoping to get lots of comments!

check out the cool trick I taught my niece and nephew during our visit! is it any wonder I love kids?? : )

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  1. Hello to your niece! :) If she just wants to set up a blog for her friends and family to see she could use wordpress or blogger and set up the privacy settings so she (or her parents) can decide who reads it.

  2. Happy First Communion!!! I can’t believe your Auntie Ann talked you into touching her feet!!! EWWWWWWWWWWW!

    Tell her to call me. I’m going through withdrawal. She’ll explain what that means.

  3. Hilarious — and boy, am I jealous! My feet are killing me!! I’ll definitely have to teach Mack that cool trick… I know his mom & dad will thank me for it, too.

    I think almost any blogging service has a privacy setting and password feature. I think it’s fantastic that she wants to blog. What an inspiration you are!

  4. This post has the best photos! A lovely one of your niece for her First Communion! Hurray for her. The one of Auntie with nephew and niece and feet is SO GREAT! Everyone looks so happy in that photo!

  5. How did you manage the foot massage? You must pass along the words of wisdom! ;)

    I remember my first communion- looks like they still make you wear the veil and stuff. Seems kinda creepy to me now- is it just me? haha

    She looks beautiful though- and so happy. I remember being really nervous.

  6. what a sweet picture! your niece and nephew are super-cute and please say congratulations on the first communion! :) I love that she’s back on the road to knitting – and blogging of course :) hehehe

    glad you had a good time in Florida! :)

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