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Two pigs today since there were none yesterday. I was still in Florida when I wrote that entry and did not have access to my porkers.

So, here are two new pigs in my collection. The picture on the left is one that Cara gave me. Although when you hear the story, it’s really more from Georgie! So the two of them were on a vacation in California. They were driving down the highway and passed that road sign. My Georgie said, “Hey did you see that??!!” and then he said that I had to have it, he swung the car around in a very sexy, yet dangerous driving maneuver, he drove back to the sign and forced Cara to take a picture of it. ~sigh~ at least that’s how I think it happened.

The one on the right is a recent Ebay win. It was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. I haven’t settled on where to hang it, so for now it is resting on a table in the hallway.

It is back to reality. The cupboards are bare so grocery shopping is an absolute must. Thanks for all the comments yesterday – Miss Niece is loving the attention!

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  1. I, too, just returned from a computerless FL. Hi to the niece. AND boy, that is “some pig”. What a great find on Ebay. Gotta love it. Welcome home.

  2. Love all all your swines and stories – yeah getting back from vacation sometimes is tiresome-but it is worth it especially when the young relatives love you so much they give you foot rubs!

  3. Nothing says welcome home like an empty cupboard huh? I remember the road sign pic, good thing you got the photo and not one of the living subjects! The painting is really nice, so much talent out there!

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