pinch hit by Flair

Hello faithful readers of Purling Swine! I’m writing today’s post as my dear friend Ann appears to be suffering from writer’s block. I can read the signs as I myself suffer from periodic knitter’s block and the symptoms are similar. For instance, writer’s block = posting your chore list on your blog (this whispers end-stage block, don’t you think?). Knitter’s block= starting a baby log cabin from your leftover Sugar-n-Cream dishrag-frenzy stash because you can’t go any further with your “real” project.

As you may have guessed, I am currently in block mode. This is the result of taking on the task of my first pair of Jaywalkers, a bit over my head, although Ann might disagree. And not knitting said Jaywalkers non-stop and without lengthy interruption. If I put them down for a time, it takes me a bit to get my groove back …and by the time I pick them up again, well spin me around, I’m lost! I’ve forgotten the pattern, get stitch brain-freeze (“wait, is a DD slip two together, or am I mixing it up with an ssk)?”, rip back and fix stupid mistakes, etc. Frustration sets in, and I’m blocked. Can’t knit another stitch on my poor Jaywalkers. So I’ll start some amusing little nothing project, like the log cabin eyeglass case, until I can face the music and pick up the socks again. I will say, I am almost done – am working toward the toe of the second sock and they are awfully cute. I am tempted, however, to turn the unfinished thing over to Ann and tell her if she finishes them she can keep them, too! It would be very Zen if this came to pass, as she is the woman who bestowed upon me the skein of STR and the lovely (but dreaded) pattern. It would be so right for her to take the socks to their next and final next level.

As a guest blogger, I don’t have my own pigs to post in Ann’s place, but here is a picture of pig I gave to Ann that I bought right out of the display case in Iavarone Brothers, sort of our local Satriale’s Pork Store without the Tony’s and Paulie’s hanging around. I believe it sits in her living room, or maybe her front porch? Who knows, the pigs are endless in that house. They might even move themselves around in the middle of the night, only the dogs would know…


8 thoughts on “pinch hit by Flair

  1. All I know is that if the pigs start winking, we’re all in trouble!

    DUDE! The jaywalker’s like the easiest pattern ever. It’s got a two row repeat and one of those repeats is a KNIT row. What’s wrong with you?

  2. I so hear you on the knitting malaise. I’ve got the same thing going with a pair of socks. I am about 1/2 inch from the toe on the first sock and I JUST. CAN’T. MAKE. MYSELF. FINISH!

    (although deep down, I think that the pattern is just not “right” for that particular yarn and that is the reason).

    Good luck to both of you!

  3. Tell Ann to just hang in there:) She’s done much more difficult things than Jaywalkers and believe me, the block will lift (or get tossed).

  4. I can relate to your knitting block and frustrations.Some people make it look so simple but not for me. Too many challenges make me blocked like the recent “Queen of Diaomond Socks ” from Spin Off that my kntting group started. I have to relearn the pattern everytime I pick them up again.
    so I am back to my Log Cabin blanket for the last few nights..An eyeglass case would work too!
    Anyways tell Ann to get rested up. I love reading her blog!

  5. This is your swift kick in the a*%, Flair. The toe’s in sight and a holiday weekend approaching! Just get though the decreases and then you can give up and let Ann kitchener the toes.

    And Ann, mother dear, I hear the pool is open? I have summer Fridays starting next week……

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