Thank you to Flair for taking over blogging duties for a day. She is right when she says that posting a chore list was scraping the bottom of the barrel! You will be happy to hear I did manage to make it through most of that list, except for the car washing. I replaced that with a pool vaccuuming and drove the car to a car wash yesterday. Little Onslow was absolutely filthy and it was bringing me down just to be in the car. Yes, I am a head case – if things are in too much disarray or filth, I get emotionally unhinged.

P5210005 P5210008

Here’s a look at both sides of my Larger than Life Bag. I copied Vicki and decided to do a border around all of the individual squares in addition to the outer border that the pattern calls for. I am now working on the panel that goes between the two sides. It is a pattern repeat of a row of single crochet, then a row of double crochet and then another single crochet. Since I am new to crochet, it is very challenging for me to ‘read’ the fabric — if I put it down, it takes awhile to figure out which row I have just completed and what needs to come next. I am enjoying it though – hope I can say the same once it’s time to sew the lining!

pig of the day5_may_23_10
pug of the day

**and yes, I do see how dusty that pig pot is. OMG – I’ve got to get the dust rag!!!! argh!!!!!!

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