Happy Memorial Day!

P5250008Poe says the pool is open, c’mon over!

Today I need to haul my arse to a nursery and get some plants for my pots. I am way, way behind on this task – I am usually a risk taker and have this done before Mother’s Day! It seems with every year household things that I used to enjoy are becoming more and more chores – I am ready for assisted living! I think I will plant some of these pots with hardy perennials in order to cut down on the sheer numbers involved in this yearly endeavor.

Yesterday I got back to work on the Hex Coat. After the color and splash of Larger than Life Bag, all that moss stitch seems okay. Peggy helped decide on a good length and I am ready to tackle the two front pieces again. I had become paralyzed over length decisions and when I got to that point on the first front piece, I put it on hold and moved on to the second front piece. Then when I got to the same place again, I put that one on hold and started a sleeve! The time was right for making a move otherwise I would have ended up with half a sweater.

I hope you have a wonderful, long weekend – with lots of sunny skies!

Holy Hannah – I almost forgot again! ~oink~

11 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day!

  1. You are one busy lady! I don’t know where you find the time and energy to do all you do.I am trying to use more with perennials – less work and less $$$
    Thank you so much for helping select my Lendrum wheel.I am in love with it! It came yesterday and I took it to knitting. My friend helped me set it up and got me going.My results look like crap but at least I am spinning and can now practice at home. This wheel seems so much easier than the others I had tried . Just perfect!
    Yikes -another new addiction ! next I need the bag , other tools and lots of fiber- oh my $$$

  2. Poe looks like one pretty pleased pug! I love gardening but sometimes it just gets darned overwhelming with everything else going on. Perennials are the greatest.

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