P5160008 two installments for the pork report – I forgot yesterday, what with the glories of tilling the earth ;)

Today’s excitement is D#1 returns home from her big trip. I will be picking her up at JFK this afternoon. We heard from her a few times while she has been traveling and she has had a wonderful time. She went to Greece and Bulgaria with the chamber choir from her school and they gave concerts and participated in workshops. They also managed to pack in a ton of sightseeing.

I thought you might enjoy a few pics of Mr. Boar putting together the new grill. Please notice the canine helpers.


~I had some more pics of him being swarmed by pugs but uploading has become problematic.

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  1. I love that action shot, scratching the head. I can just hear Poe, “Can I help, Dad? Huh? Can I? Will you throw the ball, then? Will ya? Here it is! Throw it! I wanna go get it! Throw it!!!!”

    Happy Homecoming to the world traveler. ; )

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