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Sorry for the absence – there has been no knitting around here lately. Every now and then I managed a row or two on the Hex Coat, but nothing much more than that.

D#1 arrived home from her overseas adventure on Wednesday evening. There was a bit of drama surrounding her arrival that had nothing to do with her, but everything to do with her goofball friends. It led to my downing two vodka tonics later that night. I would love to tell you the details because it is all very funny, but alas with a gigantic readship such as mine, one must be aware of privacy issues. Suffice to say that 21 year old boys/men are slightly moronic. Funny how I never noticed when I was that age. D#1 had a fabulous time – has over 600 pictures to share (we are about ½ through). She is mostly home now for the summer, with a few road trips thrown in for good measure and is off to work this morning. It is so good to have her home!

D#2 is taking the SAT’s this morning. poor thing is a bundle of nerves. Within the next two weeks, she has the SAT’s, the ACT’s, AP exams and finals. Keep fingers crossed for her please!

Mr. Boar is taking the upcoming week off. We have big plans to crank out some more Adirondack chairs and will hopefully also tackle some other house projects. I promise to take many pictures.

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  1. Damn I don’t even get a shout out for the tin, tsk tsk, where’s the love;)

    Nothing like teenager drama, boy I am so not looking forward to it!

  2. i remember taking the SATs, ACTs and AP exams like it was yesterday so i’m very sympathetic.

    tell D#2 to breathe and if she can’t figure the answer out right away to move on and come back to it. and to relax if she can. breathe breathe breathe.

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