Mr. Boar is on vacation this week. We are planning on getting some projects done around here and have already started the Great Churning Out of Many Adirondack Chairs. There has still been no knitting to speak of and so I shall throw lots of pig pictures your way.

First off, this is a picture of a watch maker’s repair desk that is in my kitchen. We refer to this piece as Command Center – we were joking at first, but it truly is command center. Keys, phones, phone numbers, important papers, calculators, tape etc. , all are housed within its many drawers.


the key holder above Command Center

P5160012 P6040026

P6040028 P6040024
the many pigs on the key holder

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  1. We had a similar set up in the house I grew up in and we called it the command center, too! Have a great week. I know it’s a knitting blog, but I’d love to see the adirondak chairs.

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