the sound of a whip cracking!


What have we here? It’s a completed sleeve for the Hex Coat! Because unabated moss stitch is boring as hell, and Mr. Nick agrees, I took the picture with a mossy basket of geraniums. Artsy, no? I started back in on the left front. I had worked the fronts up to the armhole shaping and then put them on holders while I mulled over what length I wanted this coat. So I am more than ½ through.

Today will hold more workroom delights. We have finished cutting all the various lengths and angles and are putting the chairs together. I am a bit surprised that we are not further along, but Mr. Boar has turned perfectionist and things are being not only measured twice, but then cut to a template. I know it’s a good thing, but alright already! He does anticipate being finished today though, and then I will begin painting the chairs. I know I should paint them before they are nailed together, but each chair has about 15 pieces and times 6 and that makes for more wood than I have places to lean it while the paint dries.

Mr. Boar says I am a slave driver. It’s 8:00 am, do you think I should go and haul his ass out of bed so we can get to work?


update: it’s 8:37 am and here is the scene in my bedroom


10 thoughts on “the sound of a whip cracking!

  1. Heck-He is on vacation – right??? Looks like my bed with 2 more.
    Why are you making these chairs, how many and where will they go anyways…I can’t believe he takes vacation to make chairs unless he really enjoys it , of course(: sort of like why would I spend all this time spinning? yarn

  2. I wish I could do that at 8:00! The flowers do add to the knitting, but that’s an amazing amount you completed! I have no guts when it comes to a project like that and living in FL is no excuse. If you want the bag pattern, I can email it when I get home.

  3. Jesus H. Christ, Ann! The poor Pepsi Guy is out of the house at 4 AM most mornings, for Christ’s sake. Jesus Mary & Joseph! Let him sleep for God’s sake!

  4. i am with flair on this one. the poor guy is up at the crack of dawn working and even when he is ‘on vacation’ he is never away from the job taking phone calls and you want him up at 8am? it’s not like he’s sleeping in till noon – like d 1 and 2. why don’t you roust them out of bed at 8am to help you make the chairs? hmmmmmmmm

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