Do you want the part where I did more moss stitch or the part where I am a terrible mother? like I even have to ask!

It is exam week at our high school. Students go to the school only during the exam time and the school send home a letter detailing everything that is going on (ie exam times, locker clean out). Did you know that the first way I am a terrible mother is that I don’t know any of their teachers’ names? nor do I even exactly know what classes they are taking?

So this letter comes home and I ask D#2 what classes she has. Then I write on our calendar when she needs to be at the school. She looks this all over.

Did I also mention that D#2 is completely type A when it comes to her school work? I wish she would apply some of that energy to putting her laundry away, but she saves it all for her school work. She freaks out my friends and hers with the amount she studies. She is in the 11th grade but has been taking a 12th grade honors math. This test has her particularly freaked out. She tells me yesterday that they can’t use their calculators for part of it. Trying to calm her nerves I remark that the test must not be as long since they need to allow time for all of that computation. She says no, that they have doubled the time of the test.

It didn’t exactly hit me, but it must have lodged in my subconscious somewhere because at 9:45 I think to myself I should really double check that exam schedule. I have written down that her test is from 12 to 2. Sure enough that is the SECOND HALF. The first half starts at 10!!

She is still in bed, I haven’t had my coffee yet and now we are both freaking out! It’s amazing how fast we can both move.

I am glad to report she got there in time. I hope she settles down enough to take this f-ing test.

remember this? there is something of a tradition with exams and drama it would seem!

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  1. I like last year story better, sorry about that! :) I am glad you got her there on time today and hope you did not forget to stock her with an energy bar or somethin,,,,

  2. Hannah is a freshman so she has to be there all day during exams this year. Only seniors are allowed to show up for just their exams so this one is off my radar for 3 more years. Thank goodness!

  3. Avery left his school book on the kitchen table last week. He told me to grab it for him. We got all the way to school I told him good bye went into the train station, stood on the platform went to grab my book and found his. I had to rush out to get it back to him. The book was 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.

    I told him the first thing should be to get a better parent! Sounds like D#2 needs to do the same;)

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