This guy is center stage above my stovetop. I found him in an antique shop in Cape May, NJ many moons ago. Any guesses what he is? I will put the answer in the “continue reading” section.

It’s rainy and slightly chilly here today – the perfect day for knitting! and also the perfect day for soup – I am going to give this recipe a try.

Are you wondering how D#2 did on that test yesterday? She thinks she did ‘okay’. A quick D#2 translation of ‘okay’ means she thinks she got a B. For me, a B in math would have been cause for celebration – parades, banners, you name it, bring on the confetti! She has a reprieve until next week when her last two exams are scheduled. Of course that’s what I think she has – which as proven yesterday is open to debate. First thing on D#2’s to-do list will be to check her exam schedule!

I suppose I should turn the computer off now. That freakin’ moss stitch isn’t going to knit itself!

today’s pig is a very heavy cast iron scrapple mold! The lady at the antique store said it was from a butcher’s shop. All you Pennsylvanians will know what scrapple is! That was one taste I could never get behind – bleh!

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  1. thinking good thoughts about dd#2’s test!

    and they make scrapple in DE too! mmm. I always joked that when I was a vegetarian (which I was for ~12 years), the only things that tempted me were the most disgusting things: scrapple and hot dogs!

    :) have a fun day mossy stitchin’!

  2. I am sure the girl did fine!
    The soup sounds yummy to me but will have to wait for some colder day which means a few months here, poor me! but you don’t want to hear my opinion about that pork dish,,, I thought it’s a pie dish,,, LOL

  3. Well, I had the mold part right. Scrapple is one thing I do not miss. Bwak! The mold is nice though! I’m with you on the celebrating of a B if were me. The soup looks deevine! Have to give that one a try. Best of luck in making it to the finals! I know they’ll pass.

  4. Oh, we just had a scrapple discussion in class yesterday when my kids were talking about all the “yummy” things they like to eat (it was really to see if they could gross me out . . . they couldn’t make it through a discussion of head cheese).

    Have fun with the moss stitch. It makes my head hurt for some reason. Oh, and why is it that daughters always mean a B when they say, “Okay.” Just say . . . B!

  5. Have been meaning to write. I’m enjoying all the pig items you picture. My father was a policeman – retired Dec. 1987. When people started referring to the police as pigs, he started collecting pigs. Used to wear a pig tie tack with his uniform! He has well over 100 pigs – in fact, my mother has threatened me if I give him more – but of course, I do! He has some really cute ones in his collection!

  6. yeah forget the scrapple- yuk!
    Although my dad was a meat salesman and said if you saw how hot dogs were made- you would not eat them either.
    Hope you D finds out soon and did fine- was it a Regents?

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