P1010202 P1010201and so has begun the Summer of Sporadic Blogging (as if you hadn’t noticed)

14 thoughts on “bookends

  1. Right there with you on sporadic blogging. Don’t worry about it. Now’s the time to enjoy a cool, tasty beverage while you kick back in one of those awesome adirondak chairs. Hope you had a safe and happy 4th.

  2. Can’t believe you were in my immediate area and I didn’t get to meet one of my favorite bloggers — but at least Kay said it was safe to go to King Kullen again ;)

    I am the most sporadic blogger in the history of blogging so I totally understand – hope your 4th was super!

  3. Thank God someone else is sporadic. I thought I was the only one. Thanks for making my day. I just came back today on mine saying I’m sorry AGAIN for the two week lapse.

  4. I say you hold a contest for the best guest post you ever had and give those Bakelite needles as the prize.

    Hmm, who could that winner be???

  5. Sporadic Blogging- embrace it or lose your mind with guilt. Things don’t promise to get better in September when the Fricklet arrives. Maybe I should change the blog name…

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