Adirondack Chair Tutorial!


I know I have been an absent blogger. I have no good excuse other than there is really nothing to say! I do however have a prezzie for you all just to make it all better.

How about a Adirondack chair tutorial??
Download deck_chairs_1.pdf

Download deck_chairs_2.pdf

Download deck_chairs_3.pdf

Download deck_chairs_4.pdf

Mr. Boar (Boar, Boar he’s our Man! If he can’t do it, nobody can) finally succumbed to my nagging and put together a how-to for the chairs. He has crazy little handwriting, so hopefully you will be able to read what he wrote.

I would like to remind you that these chairs are a replica of Kay’s chairs. After visiting her last summer and loving them, I took lots of pictures and measurements and then Boar and I churned out a bunch for our place. I think they should be voted the official Knitting on the Porch chair. Plenty of room for your elbow and a refreshing beverage on those hot summer days!

13 thoughts on “Adirondack Chair Tutorial!

  1. Oh, I love those chairs! A tutorial? Like make my own???? Hmmm.

    I just want you to know, I was almost ejected from a store the other day trying to take a picture of the gaudiest piggy bank I’ve ever seen. And this is after frowing disapproval in a dark restaurant trying to take a picture of a pig they have in a niche over the fireplace.

  2. A few years back a youth center in Minneapolis raised funds by having the kids build Adirondack chairs to sell. They were all painted a distinctive shade of teal, iirc. The cool part was that in front of their building, they had a HUGE chair — like, 20′ tall! — painted exactly like the rest. It was cool.

  3. And I took some photos for you of live little piglets, in a pet shop no less, apparently some people raise them as pets they are pot bellied pig and they were really cute, the girl in the store told me they grow to be really big. Now the only thing left to do is learn how to download them from the new cell phone of the girl.

  4. I kee reading your site from Cara’s blog and decided this is it, I just have to link you up on my blog! I love the chairs and are so coveting them! I love your blog, too!

  5. This is superexcellent. You don’t mentiont that adirondack chairs are a pregnant woman’s best friend. All that weight and pressure to the back! Ahhhh.

  6. Yay! I finally downloaded these files — into a very special folder called “Boar-Swine Mason-Dixon-Kay Adirondack Chairs” — and I hope someday to print them out… and then make them!
    ; )

    Hope you had a good college tour!!

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