a post of many colors


Here is a look at my Babette blanket progress. The picture shows sections 1-4, complete with seaming! My idea to work the squares in the order they are put together and to seam them as I go along is working out well. I can’t imagine dealing with all of these squares at the end. And for all you disbelievers, how about a peek at the back?


Yesterday I had the pleasure of singing Happy Birthday to Kathleen. As a matter of fact, today is the actual birthday, so go on over there and wish her a happy one! She hosted a lovely luncheon (that Kevin rocks in the kitchen!). The food was delicious and a gathering of fiber enthusiasts is always a great time! It was a lot of fun hanging out with Susan, Granny, Marilyn, Ricki and Nancy. Nancy brought along her lovely family, including scrumtralescent Rinaldo! Are you aware that Rinaldo and I have a thing going on?
Guess what, Kathleen wasn’t the only one receiving presents! the flame of love still burns brightly

…… a present from Rinaldo!

10 thoughts on “a post of many colors

  1. Scrumtralescent, really? I can’t even begin to get in between you two;)

    It was fun yesterday. I might have to get the driver’s license just to come see you guys more often!

    Babette looks fantastic.

    We did decide to stay home today since you’re a damn oracle and predicted rain;) Thankfully we have tomorrow off as a back up.

    Damn my comment is so long you’ll probably skim it;)

  2. Scrumtralecent – explanation of something so great it is to cause an orgasm on sight or contact: A word that defines something “greater than gods’s gift itself”. the best word in the world (more)

    hmm… that is an interesting word!(:

  3. Skimming comments. Nancy is funny. Thanks for coming to my partay. The purse you gave is racking up lots of lovely comments. Babette is looking good. Baby. So wise seaming as you go.

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