Check me out – two posts in two days ….. I’m on a roll! I am beginning to suspect that my recent blog slump can be attributed to DBK. Dead Boring Knitting.

Section Five has been added!

Does it appear I am flying through this project? Last night I was thinking the same thing myself and thrilling with the thought. I mean, this thing has 10 sections and I am finished with 5. My mathematical acumen tells me I am halfway through already. But NO! No sooner had I smiled at the prospect of having this complete in record time, it occurred to me that the sections get bigger the further out I go. Seaming this last section took about 90 minutes.

Here is Mr. Poe inspecting the seaming job.


he says, “Well done!”.

11 thoughts on “V

  1. I second Mr. Poe!
    What do you mean score in the blogging department? I say it pales compared to your scoring in the Babette department, it is amazing and you are so right about the seaming in parallel to the crocheting!

  2. I’ve been lurking around your blog for a while, but Babette has brought me out of the shadows! It’s encouraging me to finish my current crochet project and move on to the next one. Seam-as-you-go is such a good idea – I think I’ll try that for my next WIP. Three oinks for you!

  3. Wow, your seaming job is beautiful!!! How are you seaming them? Is it just a whip stich thru the back loops?

    I have been a knitter for the last few years. After seeing your Babette and Cara’s Babette. I am hooking again.

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