crochet seams

A few people have asked how I am seaming Babette. I checked around on the internet, but couldn’t find any sites that showed exactly what I was doing. I suppose this is my own little ‘un-vention’. It results in a very flat, almost invisible seam. It is not the sturdiest seam out there, but strong enough for a blanket’s purpose. Especially a blanket that when anyone uses it I will scream out, “Be careful when you use that blanket!” But I was going to do that with or without this seaming method, it’s just who I am.

Mr. Boar took these shots while I was seaming section six last night. He also tried to take some “Ann is so sexy in her grandma nightie” pictures, but I will spare you that spectacle. Mr. Boar is so frisky for a guy who wouldn’t get me ice cream, no?








3 thoughts on “crochet seams

  1. Very elegant method. I was wondering how you make these beautiful seams so it is good others asked and so nice of Mr. Boar to take those photos for us. Lovely piggie.

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