Section six is there running from top to bottom on the right hand side. Section seven started of with a 12 round square, which takes awhile, but I’ve got that one done and a few of the others as well.

The pattern for Lotus Blossom shawl arrived the other day and I want to get that on the needles too. It will make a much more portable project than Babette.

Today I am cashing in on my mother’s day gift. The girls and Boar bought me some massage treatments and a facial at a local spa. In honor of this, I thought it might be a nice gesture to shave. So, I am about to get in the shower, when I notice that my razor isn’t in its usual spot. It turned up in the girls’ bathroom. Why do they take mine, when they have the exact same model?

But the bigger question is ……. how long has it been missing? the very scary answer ……. I have no idea.

sure it’s a pig picture but
check out those adorable girls! awwww

10 thoughts on “VI

  1. Love the blanket!! As for the shaving dilemma(?), I reccommend a having them waxed. It can be done every two months without feeling like a wooly boar. Then the children can fend for themselves when forging thru your bathroom for their “spare” razor. The massage sounds great though.

  2. What?! What’s that? Someone taking shortcuts with the personal hygiene?!? Well I never….

    Babette is looking so fantastic it’s making me cry. Why would you want me to cry? Really. Aren’t you my friend? STOP MAKING ME CRY!

  3. Awwww! What an adorable photo! Those (were) are the days huh? My favorite comb has been “missing” for weeks. hmmm
    You are sooo good with colors! Babette is looking so very nice!

  4. My daughter is the same -even my bras go missing after she has been home.Don’t you just love them to death to put up with that(:
    Enjoy you day and your smooth legs too!

  5. Ok, you’ve got to stop making me want to crochet Babette! She is beautiful! What do you think the finished size is going to be? And I love the picture of the two girls hugging, it makes me want a girl a few years!

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