at last!

this morning brought thunderstorms and rain – do you suppose Mother Nature reads my blog and read my bitching yesterday? I was watching this morning’s news and some areas of Long Island had flash flooding. We must have received the outer edge of whatever they got.

Did I tell you that D#2 has taken my camera? She was invited to go to Maine with a girlfriend who has a family cabin up there. She asked if she could take it and of course I said okay – she is a much better photographer than I. (Guess what she’s getting for Christmas ….. or graduation?). Anyway that leaves me with a the other camera and I don’t believe I can do justice to Babette with it. I mean, I can’t do justice to it with the camera D#2 took! So fiber pictures shall have to wait until next week. Or until I can’t stand it anymore.

Speaking of D#2, she did not pass her driver’s test. : ( She was temporarily devastated. The tester told her she was a really good driver and he wished he could pass her, but she hit the curb during the parallel parking phase. ergh! She has scheduled a re-test for September and my friend Peggy is going to give us some intensive parallel parking lessons.

Yes, us. Did you know that this is genetic? Hadn’t you heard I can’t parallel park? I avoid it at all costs and won’t drive to places if I think I will have to do it. I have been known to do it, and sometimes do it well, but it is such a hit or miss proposition that I try very hard to never have to do it. Yes, I know Onslow is so small, I could just get out and lift him into the spot! So Peggy has volunteered to give both me and D#2 some lessons! she is a brave woman whose lobotomy scar hardly shows at all! I kid, I kid! you can kind of see it when she wears her bangs to the side! ;)

how about some kitchen pigs?

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  1. I’m glad I am not the only person on the planet who cannot parallel park.

    When I took my driving test (lo! those many years ago) the tester got in my car, tuned my radio to the ball game and instructed me to exit the parking lot, drive down the service road 100 yards to the other entrance, and turn back into the parking lot. And he passed me.

    Don’t you feel safe knowing I’m on the roads?

  2. when I took my drivers test a friend taught me a trick if you put a sticker (like the American flag ones ) in a certain spot on the window you can parallel park everytime. Sure enough it worked though now I can’t do it without the sticky, but who needs to parallel park anyway ;)

  3. Love that kitchen pig potholder. :) Someone really awesome must have given that to you. WTG Peggy. I am an excellent parallel parker. I love the challenge of a tight spot. And I am good at here and in the UK. But I am a crappy teacher!

    We got dumped on down here with lots of lightning and thunder. And it hasn’t cooled a bit. sigh.

  4. can’t believe how many people can’t parallel park. maybe there is some correlation between knitting and parallel parking because i can’t knit but i can parallel park. please don’t practice near my car though ;-)
    oh and the back window thing does work. that is how i learned.

  5. we had a great thunderstorm yesterday so we got the weather that you must have had today. it was a relief. today is beautiful -sunny but i don’t know about the temp. believe it or not but i too am ready for fall.i am sick of watering the plants and after the rain, they look beaten up. my rose of sharon is still tilting from the last storm. sigh

  6. My god, woman, will the pigs never stop?! You must have a million of them. Not that I am complaining, mind you; I am enjoying the myriad ways that swine can be incorporated into a more or less normal home:)

    You should meet my uncle and his family. He is a pig farmer and has been for about 50 years. His older daughter was the Minnesota Pork Princess (truth! we called her Miss Piggy) in her teenagehood and the younger daughter, like you, collects pigs. A few years back Uncle Bob had the biggest pig at the MN state fair. Bob the Pig was roughly the size of Volkswagen. Younger daughter, quite savvy in the technocyber ways, built Bob the Pig his own web site, sadly gone now.

  7. Yay! I was worried the piggy photos might go on hiatus with the camera. Those tea-towel piggies are adorable!

    You aren’t allowed to hit the curb while parallel parking? Um… I do that all the time!

  8. Poor D#2. I was lucky, parallel parking came off the NJ Drivers test for a six month period many moons ago during which I was fortunate enough to take the test. I’m still not a great parallel parker but did get a deal of experience at it during my college years in New Brunswick.

    This morning’s storm was pretty serious. We got over 3″ of rain. Filled the pool right up. Problem now is that awful humidity.

  9. that rain did not help at all here. the heat is unbearable..
    Poor daughter not passing especailly over p- parking. I have not p-parked correctly in years. I avoid it at all costs . Thank goodness the Mini can just pull in most spots .
    My kids set up cones in the yard to practice. They are much better at it and I could not teach them.

  10. Hahaha… “more or less normal home.” I don’t know why, it just tickles me. Oink.

    I don’t know how I missed your post yesterday!

    The trick to mastering parallel parking is to learn using a boat. Honestly. I learned in a 1970-something Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser-y thing and I’m pretty confident that I could park a tank.
    ; )

  11. I can’t parallel park either. I’ve been known to circle a block for quite some time waiting for a space large enough for me to nose in opens up. Alternatively, I will park a long way away from where I mean to go to avoid it and hike in. Exercise is good for you, right? Kudos for tackling the parallel parking affliction!

  12. Took me 4 hours to get to Manhattan today – and guess what??I had to stop at Old Navy yet again and buy flip flops so that I could walk uptown-no subway service! And while I have the UTMOST respect for Peggy, I can’t believe you didn’t ask ME for parallel parking lessons – after all, when you learn to drive in NYC, all you do is move your car from one side of the street to the other due to the bazillion parking regulations! I am a master at it…

  13. I was driving to work during the storm this morning. Yes, wonderful. Haven’t been outside my air conditioned office since about 8 am; I feel pretty cool. ;)

    I have always been good at parallel parking. My trick is to turn the wheel back when the half point of my car passes the end of the car in front of me. However, if I get it wrong, no matter how many times I try to fix it, it doesn’t work. I have to completely get out of the spot and start again. Commiserations to D#2. I, too, failed my driving test. Twice. Not because of parallel parking, but because of a f$%@^&@g blinking red light. I still hate f$%@^&@g blinking red lights.


  14. i can’t parallel park either and like you, i have the smallest car on earth so it’s really humiliating when i try. so i enter a spot nose first if i can. and i usually can.

    so maybe i can parallel park, just not in reverse.

    oh. typepad is being weird and isn’t emailing comments. — so the little mini yarn basket with the scissors i got at a flea market along with the little mini wheel. $2.50 for the lot. (i bargained, she wanted $3.00 for both)

  15. It looks the same outside here. Mother Nature must have read! Parallel parking is what got me flunked here my 1st time. I got my parallel and perpendiculars mixed up, can you imagine how I pulled straight into the spot in 1 shot? And for what? There. Is. No. Parallel. Parking. In. So. Florida.

  16. I *used* to be able to parallel park, but with this “new” car (which is about 16 months old and has 26,600 miles on it) I STILL can’t do it to save my life. Today, in fact, I screwed it up and, yes, HIT THE CURB. I think the parking spaces are to blame. Heh.

  17. The best parallel park of my life? The one that was a thing of beauty? Never before or since have I maneuvered such a stellar parallel park? It was the one on my driving test! It was so fantastically, effortlessly zen that even though I hit the curb a little bit when making a right turn later in the test, the instructor still passed me. Nonetheless, I avoid parallel parking when I can and am filled with anxiety when I do have to do it. Which is all a long way to say that driving tests are not necessarily an accurate representation of ones driving skills. I’m sure D #2 is bummed, but she’ll do great next time.

  18. One of the benefits of Southampton — no parallel parking at all :D

    He failed because she hit the curb parking — YIKES – everyone hits the curb parking — geeze

    btw I may be late reading this but we got rain today so it still applied hehehe

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