this and that …..

Have you seen this? I wonder if they are accepting applications? [thanks to Carol for the morning laugh!]

also thank you all for your parallel parking commiserations! It seems I am in good company and it’s no wonder the parking lots are always so full with all of us parallel-challenged drivers. I found this site with a tutorial – I am going to give it a try. I never knew about that third step where you straighten the tires! I always turn them first the one way and then the other. Maybe that’s been my trouble all along …..

9 thoughts on “this and that …..

  1. We saw that commercial last fall in London. My husband said, “Is that what I have to look forward to?” I could have killed him for that and quickly made a note: no nice knits. My own driving test ills: I did fine with the parallel parking, but the driving portion failed me as I turned out of the parking lot and kept turning – over the curb and into the parking lot again. I even had the nerve to ask the examiner if I, in fact, had failed. Needless to say, I really don’t like taking my girls for driving practice.

  2. Heh, now I need to find a social situation where I can use the phrase “eat up! we’ll knit more!”

    On parking. I used to be quite good at it when I had a small car. But I lost all talent for the task when I bought a minivan!
    It just takes practice though. Get some cones and practice in the driveway!

  3. You’re full of linky goodness this morning! I am going to work on my parallel parking. All a knitter needs, to do anything, is a good CHART. xoxo Kay

  4. Such a funny commercial. Can you even imagine, everyday, in my mature years, going to a big stitch ‘n bitch and knitting up cereal. High fiber cereal. Yum.

    I can parallel park. I’m actually proud of my prowess, well, I was. Seems that along with that peri whatever the hell it is, some of my skills have diminished, but only a tad. I’m still pretty good. I learned to drive in a tank of a station wagon and could put that thing almost anywhere. Now, with my sedan-Easy-peasy.

  5. Front seat aligned with back bumper? You’ll miss your target with that info! (even the illustration negates it). I was never very good at it–but if you visualize the 45 degree angle from the curb before you straighten the wheel, that helps. And I turn the wheel when the BACK seat aligns with the other cars trunk/bumper (roughly). And I love the spot! My mom goes by “Nana” (and she’s English, and she knits!) I’ll have to share it with her.

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