porcine ephemera

It is a refreshingly cool and rainy day. I am almost through with seaming section 8 of Babette! D#2 gets home tomorrow and along with her the good camera so you can expect some good pictures soon.

Here is a small sampling of pig postcards and books in my collection.




P1010242How about a peek inside? and

another ?

Are you getting fed up with this pig thing yet? I think I am! Believe it or not, we are nearing the end of my indoor pig collection. And there is much I won’t be showing you – I have a fairly large collection of pig salt and pepper shakers that were put into boxes when we moved into this house and never came out again, and of course there are the few holiday pigs but I don’t intend to start unpacking any crates ….. Next up will be the garden pigs!

11 thoughts on “porcine ephemera

  1. I’m not tired of the pigs, that last inside peek was a bit scary though! I may post a couple of my pigs for you! I’ll let you know :)
    Have a nice weekend! With D2 home, I’m sure it will be!

  2. Hey my pig donation made the blog!

    Where did D#2 go in Miane? I just got back from a week in Corea, a bit north of Ellsworth. In knitting navigation terms that is north of Halcyon, but a bit shy of Tess’ Designer Yarns. Brought my drop spindle and bought some local roving and had a lovely time standing on the rocks watching the ocean and spindling.

  3. i think you missed a few pigs.did you show the picture in the yellow powder room for instance? there is also a pig or two in your basement. and aren’t there some pig plates?

  4. In Seattle we have a Public Market, kind of like a permanent farmers’ and fishermans’ market, that celebrates its centennial this year. From a previous fund raiser they have a large bronze piggy bank named Rachel that they use as the Market logo.

    For the last few years they’ve done artist-decorated pigs to auction off. First they set them up all over town for the summer. Here’s a link to the Pigs on Parade.

  5. I collect pigs too! I have tons and tons of them all over my house! I don’t buy them anymore for myself, people just keep giving them to me!

    Your collection is awesome! Can’t wait to see more!

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