lotus blossom!




This shawl has to be one of my quickest knits on record. I love everything about it – especially its sweet fresh-from-blocking smell (that’s right up there with baby heads and puppy breath).

I believe that Typepad and I have resolved our differences. Or more to the point, we’ve both decided to ignore and move past them. This is an element of all great relationships. Plus I’m scared to try any other blogging software.

Fall is in the air. It has been cold and rainy and there has been a definite winding down feeling around here. Weeds are growing unchecked between the bricks on the patio. Potted plants are looking leggy and spent and I all I can see are pumpkins. D#1 is packing up and we head out on Friday to take her back to college.

Here’s a little something to entertain on those frosty evenings ….. leaning double jowler!

27 thoughts on “lotus blossom!

  1. I love it! The color is wonderful and the bigger size is very nice – mine is a bit small. But, I have to ask – how long did it take to do the bind off with all those bobbles? I remember that part and it sucked.

  2. It is gorgeous! One of the favorites I have seen.

    Gillian left this morning. to spend a few days at the shore with my mom and then straight to NY to school. I can’t figure out why I just don’t want to do anything.

  3. that shawl is GORGEOUS!!! :) I’m sorry your daughter is leaving again! :( my sister has already started band camp at her high school, so her summer is pretty much over too.

    btw – I LOVE that big pig butt plate you showed the other day! hehehehe

  4. Absolutely stunning! Nice work, lady.

    I am so enjoying this Fall preview. If only it would stay this chilly but with the sun out, then I’d be really happy.

  5. So beautiful and so very quick! Amazing work Ann. Can you please send some fall my way, it doesn’t show any sign of ending any time soon this wicked summer of our, sigh!

  6. i too have lost interest in most things summer. my plants are neglected – of course we have had rain so i feel mother nature is doing her job. but for us no sooner is it fall then its winter and i am not ready for that.
    the shawl is lovely and so is the color. i guess you can’t have too many shawls

  7. Gorgeous shawl!

    Typepad and I are tolerating each other as well these days. Seems only some people who comment are deemed worthy of being reported to me, so a buncha people are feeling ignored, or just thinking I’m a huge bitch who never responds. Urgh.

  8. Wow Ann, I don’t know HOW you did that but it is beautiful and looks store bought( to me- this is a compliment to you) Gee…. Can I borrow it? :)
    (p.s. I stole one of your lines in yesterdays post!)

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