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This sock is the result of on-the-go knitting. We traveled to PA this weekend and the first thing I packed was the knitting. But what project? Babette involves too many skeins and would be an unwieldy traveling companion but I was almost to the bind off row of Lotus Blossom. And I had been warned about this row.

*I shall take a moment to speak of the Lotus Blossom bind off. The shawl is lovely, the charts are impeccable, the bind off? she is a MoFo. Eight hours of knitting to get that shawl off the needles. During the blocking portion, I had a horrendous moment of thinking that the center bottom bobble was in the wrong position —- my heart stopped for the briefest of moments before I realized that everything was okay. phew.

Anyway, Carole had given me the bind off heads up, so I knew to take another project along for the ride …. and that’s where this sock comes in. The pattern is Roza by Grumperina and can be found in Spring Interweave Knits 2007. I am using Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Superwash – which happens to be one of my favorite sock yarns.

This is a great pattern. First and foremost, I like a sock to hug my leg. While I can appreciate the beauty of a flat-fabric sock, for wearing comfort I like some kind of ribbing pattern. But knitting ribbing can get boring. Until now, Retro Rib was my go to sock pattern. Not that this has replaced Retro Rib, let’s just say that in my sock family, Retro Rib has a new little sister!

mommy loves you all ….. really.

how about a little dining room pig picture?

8 thoughts on “sock!

  1. The socks did nothing for me in the magazine, but I like how yours turned out. The color just begs for fall to get here soon (which it felt like this week). Have fun with the Lotus bind off . . . could you drink whilst doing it?

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