I suppose I have been away from the blog for too long – Typepad asked for my password! No real reason for the lack of blogging – life and lack of bloggy energy got in the way.

I do have a treat though! But first a small story …….

You know I love my spinning guild. I look forward to each newsletter, each meeting. And every month, I have to dust off my wheel to take it along! shame on me My free time is spent with my knitting needles and rarely if ever with the Lendrum. Do you know the guilt we all seem to have over all the yarn in our stash? Well multiply that by three for how I feel about my fiber stash. At least with the yarn, I am knitting. Some of my fiber is an appropriate age to send it on the school bus for its first day of elementary school! At our last spinning guild meeting I thought to myself, “Why don’t I do this more often?” This thought happens at every single meeting. And then I come home from the meeting, unpack the wheel and there it sits motionless until the next month. tsk tsk

Well, August was the month for change. Since the last guild, I have spun everyday. My wheel is kept in our basement (which is a very nice basement, all bright and finished). I am down there every morning to feed the dogs and start the laundry and this month after doing both of those things, I sat myself down for a bit of spinning. Many of my Ipod programs are podcasts and more often than not, these run about 20 minutes. So I would select something interesting and spin. and here are the results …..




This is a merino/silk blend. I bought it at Rhinebeck last year from a Abi’s Web. They are from Hinsdale, MA. I have about 300 yds. and need to find a project! I shall be cruising around Ravelry to see what’s out there. By the way, I want to mention that Ravelry will be where to find any of my holiday knitting which should be starting this week. After the holidays, I will post those projects over here.

11 thoughts on “WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN??

  1. Well done, you! Identified the problem, strategized a solution, implemented same, and wallah! yarn! I love that it has the chocolate-covered-cherry color thing going on.

  2. Very nice yarn. A bit different from what I usually see in blog handspun photos.

    I have intentionally kept away from spinning. I’m signed up for a yarn dyeing workshop, but I don’t want to add fiber to my stash.

    I have a misthread on my loom waiting to be fixed for about 2 years, a needlepoint sampler pillow I was ad libbing that got put aside when I got new and curious cats 8 years ago, and just started a cardigan out of yarn that had a 4 year old receipt in the bag. I don’t feel guilty about any of this, but I might be pushing my luck if I added bulky fleeces to the mix.

    Still, I no longer say ‘never.’ When you’re ready, you’ll make it first part of your repertoire, then part of your routine.

  3. Darlin, some of my stash could be sophmores in college…I have SABLE memorial stash from guild members who have passed on. (If you have the dyed silk caps from the meeting so do you) First day of kindergarden stash is just adorable(I really admire your diligence!)

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