where’s my marble notebook?

Ack!! It’s hot & humid again!! Even this guy looks a little sick of the summer scene. He seems weary with that one pathetic little marigold who doesn’t seem to know that the party is over.


Lots of things are afoot around here. Subterfuge and Harriet the Spy stuff! I am sure you have all heard the big news from Cara. Well, stay tuned for some fun & games designed to make her crazy. No, the puking is beginning to bore me and I need new ways to torture her For any knitting content, you will have to mosey on over to Ravelry. It’s all Top Secret!

8 thoughts on “where’s my marble notebook?

  1. Psst. The security level has been lowered some, as in the cat’s getting out of the bag!

    We’ve got stormy weather this morning, with the promise of a beautiful (much cooler, much drier) weekend. It was AWFUL yesterday!

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