I haven’t been in a bloggy mood and here are some reasons why:

  • first and foremost – it is hot and humid and I am a cranky bitch.
  • I am working on a secret project and can only post about it on Ravelry. I will put a more recent picture up there tomorrow.
  • I have been busy panicking and scheduling last minute college tours and interviews for D#2. Considering that every single weekend in October is booked for us, this has been a daunting task.
  • I don’t know how to break the news to you, but Onslow has been going into Brooklyn everyday with Boar. I am worried that Onslow and I have broken up. We have had a car shift around here (see next listed item) and Boar loves driving Onslow. I also love driving Onlsow, but I also love just driving and not having to do all that stick shifting. Onlsow is a high maintenance guy. Sometimes it just lovely to sit in a cushy four door sedan and glide to your destination without being all cute and vroom-vroom about it. I only hope that you all can accept me for me. btw …. this is not a permanent car shift – Boar and I are playing it week by week. I think I need to remind Boar about that.
  • I have also been busy panicking and feeling sick to my stomach because D#2 passed her driver’s test yesterday (yay!) and is now driving herself around Long Island which as everyone knows is chock full of aggressive boorish drivers. (boo!)

now here’s a cranky bitch pig picture posting. I put this guy away in the shed when I thought things were getting cooler around here and I would start a fall cleanup.

P9050188joke’s on me.

Have you visited Vicki lately? Would you like to be a part of a very cool, very top secret baby shower blogging opportunity? Come on and stop by – we are all over there drinking champagne punch and munching on Jordan almonds!

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  1. I know it’s probably no consolation at all, but driving in a place with agressive/boorish drivers will actually be good for D#2 — it will prepare her for driving anywhere! I know, I know . . . but I often am grateful for having learned to drive in a big city with crazy drivers!

  2. Our humidity FINALLY broke so hopefully this means good things to come for you! Of course, this is coming from a former (as of Tueday morning) cranky pregnant bitch. Pregnancy and humidity just don’t mix.

    Oh… where would one send off a small (very small) piggy pick me up? :) I saw it, thought of none other, and now need to send it off.

  3. I’m a cranky bitch too and I have to start dealing with High School open houses. Avery has another year to go but the applications are sent in November so I can’t exactly wait until 8th grade to start looking at these places.

    Damn I need more liquor in my life…

  4. OK – well it’s freezing here for one. And two, although I’m not a “cranky bitch”, for some reason, I have been a “sobbing wench” for the past month. EVERYTHING makes my cry. Hope that helps you feel better :->

  5. Get your wool socks and sweaters ready, honey, because cooler weather’s on the way. IT’S FREEZING HERE!! I just took trash and recycling out to the curb and I’m wishing I’d worn MITTENS! I’m shiverin’ (no lie) and have goose-bumps! 55 degrees in fall is NOTHING like 55 degrees in spring.
    ; )

  6. I absolutely love my Mini . Up north h in Pa hardly anyone has them so men come up to me all the time asking all kinds of gas consumption questions. Several times I find people checking it out and peeking inside. When my husband takes it or is driving it makes me nervous because I hate how he shifts so roughly and goes crazy around corners.

    On a few occasions it is nice to be in the other car where you don’t feel the bumps and or have to shift. The other negative thing is getting the oil changes. Shops up here can’t do it. Driving all the way to New Jersy sucks.

    Good luck with the college searches .Try to enjoy the moments.

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