Border Leicester

Border Leicester

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My morning spinning routine is paying off. I have managed to spin and ply another of last year’s Rhinebeck purchases! In my mind this will free me up for some guilt free spending at the festival this year.

Last year I had a strategy to try and break out of my typical color choices. I would say that my weakness with both my knitting and my spinning lays in my color spectrum or lack thereof. I gravitate towards the same colors over and over again and have trouble seeing how a touch of a more vibrant color will set a whole different tone for the yarn and the project.

With that being said, I still don’t like this yarn! I need to see it knit up – maybe then that yellow and fuscia will work themselves into some kind of peaceful accord. There are a few crosshatch scarf patterns out there and that type of stitch pattern could be just the thing.

Here’s a funny little story – I was so intent on breaking out of my color chains that when I saw this yarn I must have been temporarily blinded and thought the tag said it was Blue Faced Leicester. Everyone raves about BFL and I was exicted to give it a try – some BFL and new colors – it was a jackpot of experiences! So I start spinning this stuff last week and call Cara to say “WTF?? I don’t understand why everyone raves about this stuff! It is not a dream to spin – a bit rough and nubbly.” Even in her pregnancy delirium she was able to say, “You idiot – it’s Blue Faced Leicester, not Border Leicester!”

if you can’t laugh at your friends, it’s not worth having them. I happen to have some BFL on the wheel right now and that stuff is like butter!

Do you know that Spin Out is this weekend? Cara has been hard at work organizing this event – and the raffle prizes are even more spectacular this year! The weather reports are also looking promising. Check it out and join us! Even with the deluge of rain last year it was tons of fun.

What do you think about the new digs? I am seriously loving this WordPress site and as soon as I can corral Boar into helping me map my domain name, I will make this move official …….

20 thoughts on “Border Leicester

  1. I love all the pigfy photos! And I understand the wanting to change the colors you’re working with a bit – I’m currently trying to get myself to use brighter colors than I usually would. (Read: almost never.) I just finished a bright blue and green shrug, and I love it, even though the colors are pretty strong. And if you don’t like your handspun, I can give it a good home! :D

  2. Nice new place!

    If nothing else, Ravelry slapped me in the face with my predictable color choices, can you say green, green and more green? So I tried to mix it up and now I’m in a blue/pink rut!

    Can’t force myself to feel the yellow/purple or brown love tho :)

  3. I am so confused . . . but what is new this year. Love the new look but now I must remember to update the bloglines. And I hear you about breaking out of color ruts; everything I knit is green or red. Have fun at Rhinebeck. I think the girls are taking us on a college-looky-at-it weekend . . . damn children. What is there problem!

  4. Your change is good! I love your the pigs and photos.
    Now that I am spinning – two 2 days must be spent at Rhinebeck ! My sister and I are staying at my daughter’s in Albany . Need to save up money and find more space. If only I could knit faster..

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