the move

I spent most of yesterday tinkering around with WordPress. I managed to import my entries from Typepad. I have been keeping this blog since 2003 and did not realize just how many entries that would be. So I also spent a good deal of time categorizing the uncategorized (which is not necessary, just something I would like to have), only 1545 more to go!

When Mr. Boar got home he helped to re-map my domain name. Actually he did the re-mapping while I looked helpfully over his shoulder giving him good tips which I know he appreciated. He likes it when I do that while he’s driving too. Seriously though, even though I type in, the wordpress part still shows up so I think maybe some more re-mapping is on the horizon. But the important thing is that it gets you here.

Today I am off to a dentist appointment and then work at Granny’s. A reminder for all you Long Island knitters and fiber lovers — this is the last week for Granny’s sale, get ’em while they’re hot!

Sadly, or no?, today marks the last of the official Year of the Pig pictures. I know and many of you know that I have loads more pigs. But those things are either in the back of cupboards or packed away in boxes. I am sure more pig pictures will pop up on this site from time to time. We are leaving off with my pig Martin who sits out front by our driveway lantern. He is a full sized porcine replica and I am sure the neighbors love it! (actually I had a garage sale a few years ago where lots of people said how much they like him).


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