Fun Things to do this Weekend!

a short and sweet reminder – tomorrow is Spin Out!  come on out and spend some time spinning (or learning to, or knitting, or gabbing).  The weather will be fine and it will be a glorious day!  Cara out did herself last year and this year will be even better!

Sunday is Greenlawn’s annual Pickle Festival !!  who doesn’t love pickles?  pucker up!

6 thoughts on “Fun Things to do this Weekend!

  1. YAY!! The feed is working!!!

    I may have to make my 2nd annual trip to “Central Park” tomorrow for some knitting.
    ; )

    Mmmm, pickles… Midget dills… Bread & butter… (Cara, take a TUMS)… Pickled beets!

  2. Ann!! I LOVE the new look to your blog baby! We WERE all talking that after 4years it was time for a new look! ( kind of like that haircut you have)
    I have to try to get to that pickle festival one year! Nothing like a salty fat one! xo

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