Spin Out


these pictures should say it all – Spin Out was fantastic in every way! The weather was sheer perfection! The location was gorgeous! The bathrooms were close by! The spinners were Fun & Fascinating! It truly was a perfect day. lots of exclamation points!!!

I picked up Martha (fellow guild member and spinner extraordinaire), at the train station and we headed into the city. This was a major step for me since I have a fear of city driving. Well, those days are over! I drove in with no problem at all and found a very conveniently located parking garage. We got to the site in Central Park at 10 to set up. Cara brought bagels! Before we knew it all of the spinners began to arrive and from there it was a whirl of gabbing, laughing and spinning! Truly the day just flew by. The carriage horses and pedi-cabs come to see the spectacular view from this site so we had a constant parade of people. There was music in the distance providing a nice audio background. What more could we ask for? I walked through my door at 7:30 pm – exhausted but happy.

I bet you want to know who was there — I am terrible at this and will leave people out for sure. Cara had a sign up sheet so perhaps she will provide a link-fest for us. In the meantime, I was yucking it up with Nancy, Maribel, Chante, Peggie, Annie, Jenny, Regina, John, Kay, Melissa, Amy, Jenna, Martha, Carrie …… I know there were lots more. And now I feel badly. I hope you all are happy – see what you’ve done!

Anyway, there are more pictures to see over at my Flickr account. Today I will be performing a labor of love with potential for fabulous dividends ….. stay tuned for more details, all will be revealed my pets!

9 thoughts on “Spin Out

  1. Oh my, Ann, if I had had the presence of mind to ask Eve who you were, I would have come over to introduce myself! It was quite the day, yes?

    Glad you alleviated your city driving fears on the wonderful Upper West Side – it’s my home…

  2. Everything is always more fun with you:D

    I had the best time, Cara was all glowy and whatnot and the weather was afreakinmazing. It was fantastic…

    …and the best part is, no one seems to have gotten a picture of me;)

  3. Hey hot stuff – remember me? Cece from Kripalu? Can you send me the info for Cara’s shower? ceceruth AT comcast DOT net?

    I hope I’m not too late to join…

  4. Other than a taxi driver, the only other person to drive me ’round The City was Cara. I learned that the most important things are attitude and vocabulary.
    ; )

    Wonderful pictures, Ann.

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