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10 oct 2 (9)

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Do you see that metal clamping thing at the base of the mother of all? (I giggle every-time I say that word) It appears that I was being much too gentle with my new wheel. That clamp is the tension adjuster. When I unscrewed that piece I was able to rock the MoA a bit to change the tension, but not much.

Well when Boar came home, I was telling him about the wheel not taking the fiber onto the bobbin and asking if he had a rat tail file to try (thanks Cheryl!). “By the way”, I said, “what do you think the deal on this is?” and I showed him the clamp, the limited movement etc.

It turns out that the metal was stuck to the wood. I guess a build up of age related goop had worked to glue them together. All it needed was a good twist – my problem all along had been not enough tension.

So we are spinning!

Speaking of age related goop – Boar and I are celebrating our 21st anniversary on Thursday and I have come to believe that that is the secret to a long term marriage …. age-related goop.

in other matters, here is my horoscope for today …..

If people around you react explosively to an explosive situation today, do not follow their example — not matter how justified they may be. Screaming at someone who has been rude or inconsiderate isn’t going to mitigate the stress, it will only increase it. Be mindful of your role in every conversation, and try to be a force for mutual respect, not power struggles. You will have to take the high road today. There will be another day for you to get down and dirty and get things off your chest.

sounds like things could get a bit dicey at Costco ……

12 thoughts on “Boar’s The Best

  1. Yay! I’m so glad it’s working., And what a cool wheel. I’ve never seen one in real life with that kind of tilt tension set up. Thanks for the good close up picture!

  2. Happy anniversary! I remember from last you that you and I have been married the same number of years. Husbands can always fix, carry or repairs things. How exciting to get that beautiful wheel spinning!

  3. I lost you for a week but I’ve found you now. :-)
    Happy Anniversary and congrats on the new wheel. I have a CPW, too, and it’s wonderful for spinning once you get the hang of it.

  4. Congrats!!! We did 25 this year. Even I said WOW. I love the wheel. So glad to see to went to a loving home who appreciated its experience. Alittle peanut oil goes along way….

  5. Oooo! Down and dirty! Things are going to get fun for you. A very happy anniversary! We have 21 under our belts too! Never thought we had a goop build up, now I know.

  6. Happy anniversary! “Age related goop”! Heh. I tell my husband I have to keep him b/c after all these years I finally have him trained just the way I want.

  7. “I love thinking outside the box, but only if we clean up afterward and put everything back in the box.”

    You are killing me….that and the dicey-at-Costco remark. xox Kay

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