As I am typing this I ask myself, “can I really get away with another picture-less post?”

I am going to have to – this morning D#2 and I are off for a college tour at Fordham. Boar and she took a trip to Boston last week and checked out some schools in that area. She is in the final stages, working on her essays, applications etc. In a week or so this will be all over and the waiting will commence.

I need to thank you all for your sound advice to my last post! I believe it was unanimous – I have practically no projects on the needles and can cast on to my heart’s content! My Mother in Law (who is fabulous btw) has requested a poncho for Christmas. She does not read my site so I shall take some pictures to share. Anyway, that is in progress and is working up quickly on size 10½ needles. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done such a bulky project – it’s a nice change!

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  1. Kuddos for Fordham–my son is a senior and has had a great experience; quiet Bronx campus with shuttles every half hour into the city and back–the best of both worlds.

    Kintting–As long as there are only two or three projects in view–the wip can be stored in a box and brought out when you have one of the “outside the box” projects off the needles.

  2. I spent my teen years in the Fordham section of the Bronx and wound up going to Fordham U. I loved it. I wish I had seen this post before you went as I would have sent you recommendations for places to eat in Belmont (the neighborhood just south of campus, also known as Little Italy or just plain Arthur Avenue.

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