Polar Swing Poncho

Well I finally get a picture up, but it’s not a good one. The color is off somehow – the yarn is a much deeper shade, more wine-ish. How about some details? The pattern is from Hilltop Yarn and the yarn is Sirdar Nova. The pattern was written for Rowan’s Polar yarn which is discontinued but I was lucky enough to find a bag of the Sirdar on Granny’s sale table and it has the specified gauge. (thanks Kathleen!)

D#2 loved Fordham. It is a great school on a gorgeous campus. Now she is really torn trying to decide if she should apply to Barnard early decision (which will increase her chances of acceptance, but then she will be honor bound to attend). She has a meeting with her guidance counselor today and has been talking to lots of people. I was thrilled to hear from two people who have Fordham ties – any Barnard opinions out there?

7 thoughts on “Polar Swing Poncho

  1. I didn’t go to Barnard but went to Bennington and at least in the past there were similarities. While I had a blast it was a little too loosey goosey for me. I was not self directed enough and felt like I was in school with a bunch of kids who came out of the womb knowing what they wanted to be in life. Very daunting. Don’t get me wrong- I had a BLAST but just not a I am building a fantastic career future kind of blast, if you get my drift. YMMV and it really is about the personality of the student. Good luck!

  2. I always get a bit of blogger’s vertigo when someone not from this area mentions a local source. I try to keep straight where people are as part of my who’s-on-first mental identification. Way to go on the substitution and the deal.

    I have no advice on the college front – West Coast, childless, and way past relevant first-hand experience. Good luck.

  3. I graduated HS in 1990 and went to Barnard College after being accepted as an early decision canidate. It is an excellent college with top notch professors! It too has a lovely campus. Plus as a student at Barnard, you have access to all of the classes offered throughout Columbia University. It doesn’t get much more prestigious than that! Additionally, Barnard has turned out some highly successful women-Martha Stewart has done fairly well for herself! Best wishes to D#2, clearly, her future is bright!!!

  4. There is something about a Barnard woman. No kidding. I just met another one (class of 67!) who knocked my socks off with her smarts and devotion to learning. Fordham is great also, just bigger AND NOT SO CLOSE TO ME. You know, in case anybody wants a babysitting job, a cup of cocoa, a babysitting job…..xoxo Kay

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