round and round and round they go, where they’ll stop no one knows!

Thank you for all your insights regarding D#2 and her college dilemma. Since she cannot say for sure where she would like to go, she has decided to forgo the early decision application altogether. She will apply early action to those schools offering that method (it is non-binding) and use the regular application process to the others.

D#1 will be home on Friday for a long weekend. It’s fall break time! I am looking forward to seeing her. She is in her junior year and is fine tuning her major declaration. At the moment she a psych major and is considering a minor in gerontology. She went in thinking she would study education and mathematics.

I can hardly stand all of this excitement! here are some things I know for sure…

  • it is a chilly, rainy day here and therefore perfect for knitting
  • Rhinebeck is next weekend and I will be spending my time with the coolest of people!
  • I need a fresh cup of coffee :)

8 thoughts on “round and round and round they go, where they’ll stop no one knows!

  1. OMG… next weekend! NEXT WEEKEND??!!! When you put it that way… well, I better start packing!!

    Round and round and round… no kidding, it’s just like a merry-go-round! Katie likes the catapult, too. She’s talking U.K. again, probably next year, and she’s even talking grad school.

  2. Sounds like your daughter has made an excellent decision. I applied early decision to my first choice and got in but I had absolutely no doubts that it was where I wanted to be.
    See you in 9 sleeps.

  3. Ah, college decisions! I remember that. Twice, actually. It’s a good sign that she is taking it so seriously – she’ll probably flourish anywhere. Rhinebeck! As a west-coaster, I am envious of all of the blog excitement going around right now. Take lots of photos!

  4. Early action is better. I think NYU has given up early decision which is a good thing. Choices change over the months it’s ridiculous to tie yourself into something so life altering.

    God I can’t wait for Rhinebeck.

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