polar swing poncho

I finished the poncho on Friday. Please excuse the unfocused picture, but it was the only one in the bunch that showed the true color.

This pattern is great on many levels. First, it is quick and easy. Never underestimate the joy of quick and easy! Secondly, check out the bell shaping. It really is more of a capelet than a poncho and with that shaping, it hugs the torso until it begins to flare just above the elbows.

The pattern did have one error. For any of you making this,

the directions for the Shape Swing section round 1 read:

slip marker. *K1, yo, k2tog, yo, k18 sts. ………

I believe they should read:

slip marker. *K1, yo, k2tog, yo, k19 sts ………

Once that came off the needles, I cast on for this Flared Rib Scarf using Classic Elite Lush. They weren’t kidding around when they named it Lush. this yarn is fantastic – eminently pettable -the luxury of an angora blend! and another quick and mostly easy project!

In non knitting news …… D#1 arrived home for her fall break and we have been enjoying a long weekend with her. She heads back tomorrow. It is hard to believe that she is in her junior year. Things have taken a more serious turn and she is beginning to look at grad schools and internships.

There will be just enough time to get fresh sheets on the beds and the house cleaned up and …..

Vicki and Cara will arrive on Thursday for the beginning phase of Rhinebeck-polooza 2007!

6 thoughts on “polar swing poncho

  1. Poncho looks great. How many skeins do you have left? Granny has some in the sale bin if the Rickster wanted to make one….to add to your leftovers. :)

    Lovely scarf. How many skeins of Lush?

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