True to form, I couldn’t wait.

My mother-in-law came over for dinner last night and I gave her the poncho. I know, I know – it was supposed to be for Christmas, but when I was weaving in the ends it occurred to me that fall is poncho weather. And there you have it. She LOVES it and it fits beautifully – I would definitely knit this pattern again.

The Rhinebeck countdown clock has officially begun. D#1 and her friend (did I mention that she had a friend with her on this trip?) hit the road this morning and headed back to school. Her friend had been staying in the guest room and I was under orders from Cara to make sure I got rid of any teenage boy smells. (and no, this is most definitely not D#1’s boyfriend) Luckily for me, the friend is the non smelly type, but I gave it a dusting and the bathroom a thorough scrubbing. In the meantime, Vicki will be staying in D#1’s room and that needed a going over. Tomorrow the rest of the house will get a shine. God, these slumber parties are work!


Vicki, maybe we should grab some Starbucks and take a quick trip to the beach. You can get Rusty some Fire Island Sand for his collection?

8 thoughts on “True to form, I couldn’t wait.

  1. You and your friends are a riot! I am going to Rhinebeck with my sisiter and then we are staying over Sat . in Albany where my daughter lives. I hope the weather holds out! Wonder if you come home with another wheel??

  2. Ya know… I still haven’t been transported ANYwhere with Onslow… The beach would be FUN (no matter how we are “transported” — really, it’s enough to be in the same garage).

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

  3. Girl, you don’t wait for anything, do you? Very considerate though :) You know what Cara will do if there’s a odd smell in the room right?;)

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